Lintex Global: Helping to create a World of Opportunity

We are your premier staffing agency providing I.T. Staffing Services Our People At Your Fingertips for Contract Assignments and Permanent Positions since 1981.

Lintex Global provides a wide range of consultants available in the I.T. staffing Global Staffing for IT Professionals industry worldwide.More
Manage your company’s most valuable asset — your people — HR and payroll Over 32,000 Users! Staffing support. HR operations managed easily!More
Access the Employee and Candidate Portal, On-demand access for our Staffing Associate Brilliant Client Solutions tools. Amazing Staffing Software Solutions.More

The Key Components of the Lintex Difference

The Key components Keys to your Success of our ability to establish and maintain ethical business relationships with both groups of our Customers I.T. Professionals, and Private/Public Sector organizations include: We serve Our Customer Base equally
  • Commitment to honest, open communication
  • Ability to understand customer requirements/constraints
  • Ability to understand individual’s strengths/requirements
  • Determination to generate “win-win” situations
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Our People At Your Fingertips

  • Short term staffing solution designed specifically for Client-directed projects that allows access to a vast pool of technical resources for one day to one year;
  • One-time contracting vehicle valid for a duration of 12 months that allows clients to make adding temporary IT skills quick and cost effective;
  • When support is needed, select from a wide ranging menu of infrastructure technical roles, clearly described and competitively priced; call or e-mail to place your order;