Payroll Services

  • Lintex will take on the administrative burden of issuing paychecks, deducting and reporting the appropriate government remittances.
  • Provide you with detailed reports
  • Create an extra layer of legal distance to prevent co-employment issues

How our clients benefit from this service:

  • Regular detailed reports on what you are spending on independent contractors and where those dollars are being spent.
  • Assistance with setting and applying contractor pay scales, and with defining your legal relationship to the independent contractor.
  • At no additional charge, Lintex Account Management team will manage the payroll resources throughout the lifecycle of the assignment.
  • Our valued client are able to stream line costs by minimizing administrative costs along with legal costs, Allowing you to focus on your core line of business.

How Consultants Benefit:

  • Offer you a one stop solution for your contracting needs
  • Reliable ontime, everytime payments without delays… without disruption
  • At your fingertips have the ability to review your activities, hours worked balance your hours /per day remaining on your contract
  • Allow you to focus on what you do best
  • Help you to work towards satisfying your clients need in a lean, efficient manner
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