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What Personal Information does Lintex Global Staffing collect?
Lintex Global Staffing, from time-to-time, may collect personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) from Users. This includes name, contact information, demographic information and work and education history (“Resume”) that you provide and information collected electronically about how Users use our Website (e.g. via cookies) that can be used […]

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Permanent Employment Vs Contracting

Permanent Employment Vs Contracting
Decision to change from Permanent Employment to Contracting should not be taken without, as a minimum, considering the following:

Can you afford to take the risk?
First and foremost you must consider Personal/Family circumstance, you will need to plan for holidays/sickness, health insurance, further training, idle time between contracts (yes, it can […]

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Considering a Job Change?

Changing a job (“the move”) is a serious matter and must be planned very carefully. Reasons for your need to move from one employer to another may include:

Limited growth opportunity with current employer
Environment/Politics/Management style
Uncertainty around current employer’s performance
Geographic location
Changes in job description
Unrealistic performance requirements/expectations
Current employer moving/closing

Before deciding to make a move you should make […]

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Guidance on Providing References

Guidance on Providing References

As a professional in your field, you must take pride in what you do and your aim must always be to turn every job/assignment into a reference. Your performance, attitude, work ethics, contribution to the team, etc. will determine the quality of your references.
When changing jobs (contract and permanent employment) you […]

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