Lintex Global Staffing defines corporate social responsibility as our commitment and accountability to make a positive difference within the full scope of our business footprint. Lintex is in a position to demonstrate its ethical approach in all service areas as this ensures high level of quality is reflected in our social and environmental responsibilities.

We define our social responsibility into four key areas:

Employees – Lintex provides an environment where our corporate employees and associates are respected, valued, accepted and rewarded for their hard work and contributions. Being an equal opportunity employer is key to Lintex, we practice to hire, train, recruit and promote without regard to gender, religion, race, color or sexual orientation.

Ethics – Lintex is committed to the highest standards of ethical business practices towards our clients, candidates, suppliers and staff. Since 1981 Lintex’s core foundation is based on our committed to conducting ourselves in an ethical, legal and trustworthy manner.

Engagement – Lintex understands that the communities where we do business are key to the success of our company. We believe in supporting the communities where we live and service. Lintex prides itself on giving each of our valued Clients undivided attention each and every time. We have mastered the art of being reactive to Clients with due urgency and the balance of allowing our Clients to conduct their core business in the most efficient manner

Environment – Lintex recognizes we have a role to play on protecting our environment. We do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing recycled materials where possible, reducing waste through conservation and waste reduction practices and constantly looking for new innovations and sustainable methods to streamline processes, efficiencies and enforcing our social responsibility.