Do I need to pay a fee to be registered with or placed by Lintex Global Staffing?

Lintex does not charge fees to its candidates. Avoid any agency that wants to charge you a fee to register you as a candidate.

How much experience do I need to be considered by Lintex Global Staffing?
There is no hard-and-fast rule. Lintex generally prefers candidates who have two years or more of experience in their fields, but we are interested in candidates who have related experience, or who have recently upgraded their education or skills.

Will Lintex Global Staffing consider me if I live in a city that does not have a Lintex Global Staffing office?
Yes. Many of Lintex’s clients have job openings in cities where Lintex does not have an office. We are equipped to do interviewing, negotiations and other interactions remotely, and we frequently make site visits to ensure that we are on top of all aspects of the candidate-client relationship.

Will Lintex Global Staffing place me if I am not Canadian/American, or not located in North America?
All candidates must be legally able to work in the country where we place them. In some cases, we can offer foreign workers help with obtaining visas, permits, etc. Lintex places most of its candidates in North America, but does serve candidates in other locations around the world.

How should I send my resume to Lintex Global Staffing?
You may speak to a live person by calling a Lintex office and ask to speak to a recruiter. This person can give you an email address to which you can send your resume. Or You can simply click on Submit resume on our Website.

What if I do not want to be considered for temporary (or contract, or permanent) positions?
You can specify what types of positions you are interested in. Lintex prides itself on building long-term
relationships with its candidates. We work with you to pursue your career goals, and find you the type of
position that suits your current priorities, whether it is temporary, contract or permanent.

How do I obtain benefits if I work on contract/temporary placement through Lintex Global Staffing?
Some contract/temporary workers are able to obtain benefits through their spouse’s/partner’s benefits plan. Others purchase benefits themselves, from a variety of providers.

How do I get hired as a Lintex Global Staffing temporary worker or contractor?
First make sure to register and set up job alerts to ensure you’re up to date on the latest opportunities. Second, you can view our Current Jobs page, please note the importance of registering, as Lintex does not post all roles. As a priority Lintex contacts registered candidates first.

Can temporary/contract work add value to my career?
Yes, temporary/contract work can add value in the following ways:

  • Expand your skill base and professional development
  • Provide opportunity for networking with new professionals
  • Gain exposure to different working environments, adding versatility to your profile
  • Improve your resume by adding new accomplishments and eliminating any unwanted ‘gaps’

How much will I get paid?
As much as possible. It is in your consultant’s interest to make sure you are paid a competitive market rate. They will take into account the complexities of the job, your expertise, length of assignment, and how much support you will receive. Your hourly rate is highly confidential (a condition of your employment) – as such you should discuss it with your Lintex consultant.

How many hours do I get paid for?
You will be required to submit a timesheet on a regular basis – to be approved by your manager, which will indicate the number of hours you have worked, and therefore, will be paid for the approved hours worked.

How do I get paid?
We pay contractors via electronic funds transfer (EFT) for approved timesheets. Your Recruitment Consultant will lay out the schedule for you in detail. NOTE: It is your responsibility to track your timesheet and follow-up with your manager if you are not notified that it’s been approved before the deadline.

What if I miss the timesheet and invoice deadline?
Call your Lintex Rep immediately. No guarantees, without an approved timesheet we are unable to process payment.

What are the hours I will work as a temporary worker?
Your Lintex Rep will provide you with exact details of your expected work hours and schedule for each individual placement.

How much notice do I need to give if I plan to leave?
Typically, your contract requests four weeks’ notice, but can vary client to client.

Does Lintex Global Sponsor H1B Visa’s?
Yes, but it depends on the job details, please contact a recruiter for details.