Location: Toronto, Ontario        Duration: 1 Year


Job Description

The project identified above constitutes a requirement for multiple Programmer/Software Developers, level II with experience and expertise in C/C++ Development. The Programmer/Software Developers will function as part of an application development team and provide knowledge transfer to EC internal development staff.


Throughout the contract period, the resources must execute the following tasks:

In the provision of services, the Contractor resources must, on an “as and when required basis” provide to the satisfaction of the Project Authority services

The C/C ++ Programmer/Software Developer, Level II must perform tasks which include but are not limited to:

  • Design, develop and implement components of the existing Unified Radar Processing system (URP), a linux based C application, including weather radar data decoders, core framework components, and weather radar based science algorithms among others.
  • Development of unit tests to support the development and maintenance of Applications.
  • Develop and assist in performing regression testing on developed applications or applications developed by others.
  • Install and configure modern, industry accepted, automated software verification tools
  • Provide application testing support as required.
  • Install and configure software components and applications.
  • Fix defects in software components and applications.
  • Create associated supporting documentation including but not limited to system Participate in meetings and reviews as mandated by established software development processes.
  • Participate in training events designed to familiarize contractor resource(s) with the affected enterprise platforms and effective use of existing application frameworks.
  • Participate in defect tracking and management using established tools.


Throughout the contract, the Contractor resource must execute the aforementioned tasks and complete the following requirements in a timely and quality manner. All requirements are subject to review and approval of the Project Authority.

  • The resource must provide code modules and source code as per description of work
  • The resource must provide technical level documentation on work modules developed.
  • The resource must prepare and provide design documents as it pertains to the projects being worked on.
  • The resource must prepare and provide the project requirements and documented Test results.