Project Description

Changing a job (“the move”) is a serious matter and must be planned very carefully. Reasons for your need to move from one employer to another may include:

  • Limited growth opportunity with current employer
  • Environment/Politics/Management style
  • Uncertainty around current employer’s performance
  • Geographic location
  • Changes in job description
  • Unrealistic performance requirements/expectations
  • Current employer moving/closing
  • Financial

Before deciding to make a move you should make sure your reason(s) for the move is/are very real. You are the only one who knows the circumstances well enough to make the decision, and at the end of the day it must be your decision. Take a little time to fully understand your current situation and compare it to the possibilities elsewhere. Be objective and ensure it is a fair comparison – remember “the grass is always greener on the other side”. If you are convinced the move is required then validate your decision – discuss it with 2-3 individuals who can relate to your circumstances and give you candid feedback.

Having decided to make the move you should treat the move just like any other project. Investing time in planning the steps and allocating required time for attending interviews/meetings will help in securing the desired position. Your steps should include:

  • Define your next job – role, type of organization, geographic area, remuneration, etc
  • Preparing/updating your resume.
  • Selecting and contacting prospective employers – directly, through trusted friends, or through staffing agencies.
  • If enlisting the assistance of staffing agencies you should select 2-3 and meet them to ensure they understand your requirements.
  • Posting your resume on internet – this is not suitable for everyone, consider your situation very carefully before you post your resume on the web. The internet environment is much more “open” than you may think e.g. you may not want your resume to be viewed by certain organizations (including your current employer).
  • Contacting individuals you want to use as references – before the prospective employers conduct their reference checks.
  • Attending interviews
  • Updating individuals/organizations that need to know about your change of employer, once you have made the move.