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In a world that is looking at advanced avenues to conduct businesses, technology applications hold the key to open the doors to new horizons. As a cutting-edge IT solution and staffing provider, Lintex possesses the best of the skills and wide spread expertise in proposing, designing, developing, and implementing such solutions in diversified technologies and platforms.

Lintex comprise a large pool of multi-skilled professionals applying varied expertise . In an era marked by rapid change, we seek to deliver end-to-end I.T. solutions that are innovative, efficient and future-adaptive. Large enough to imbibe emerging technology globally, the company is small enough to substantially invest in a relationship, to ensure best service and support.

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Electronic Timekeeping Timekeeping for employees Webmail Access email over the Internet Secure Remote Access Secure access to Lintex resources over the Internet ADP Portal Access to payroll and benefit information Employee Mobility Program Resource for Lintex consultants interested in finding new job opportunities.